Date of Walk: March 30, 2003

Length: 3/4 mile each way
Time to Walk: 20 minutes each way
Type of Walk: Downtown/Shopping/Dining
Location: Downtown Vancouver

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We chose to park underneath the Coast Plaza Hotel at the corner of Comox and Denman Streets. It cost us thirteen Canadian dollars. This is expensive but convenient, particularly in the west end of Vancouver where parking is rarer than a walk that doesn't end with a beer.

Let's Go!
The charm of Denman Street is the funky/trendy/tacky shops that line this west end neighbourhood. The Coast Plaza Hotel is part of the Denman Place Mall, a collection of about 20 shops and restaurants. We left the mall and headed south. We pass by one of our favourite restaurants, the Raincity Grill, a spot for fine west coast dining.

Denman Place Mall Raincity Grill English Bay

When you get to the south end of Denman you connect with the English Bay Walk. Turning right takes you towards the Stanley Park Walk. Turning left leads to the North False Creek and Vanier Park/Burrard Bridge walks. We turned around and headed north, back up Denman Street. There is a wide variety of shops: art shops such as Fast Frames; ethnic restaurants like the Tanpopo and the Assam Cuisine of India; and unusual specialty shops (Bill seemed fascinated by the Rubber Rainbow Condom Company).

Denman Street Sidewalk Veggies Fast Frames Indian Restaurant Rubber Rainbow Condom Company

Two blocks before Denman ends at Coal Harbour, we pass the western end of the Robson Street Walk. We continue the last two blocks to Devonian Harbour Park. There are some interesting sculptures here and the path through it leads to the start of the Stanley Park Seawall Walk. Bill took David's picture as he took a picture. How Zen!

Denman at Robson Street Shops David Devonian Harbour Park

We turned around and headed back to the Coast Hotel to end the walk when we were enticed by the bright red fašade of the Dover Arms Pub. "What a novel way to end a walk! Let's have a beer.", Bill suggested. David agreed out of politeness.

Dover Arms Pub Cheers!

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