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Who are we?

DavidBill David and Bill are your hosts and guides.

David (the fatter one) was told by his Dr. to walk for exercise. He and Bill (the fat one) searched the web to find information on local walks.

Finding none, they decided to combine their hobby of digital photography with their walks. A site was born!

As for Bill and David, they might be reclusive millionaires, they might not be.
It's a mystery.
More details later...

March 7, 2002

Finally, we decided to update the "About Us" page. Unfortunately, we also chose to open a bottle of Sambuca. The typping coullld dertiorate fromm heree.

April 1, 2002

After several excellent updates, we spent tonight deciding where we go with walkvancouver.com. So, we went to the Foggy Dew Pub which is in Richmond, a suburb of Vancouver. We don't think well without beer. Nothing was decided except to order more beer.

April 12, 2003

What a busy year! The two of us have been deeply involved in Union issues at work. So much for the idea we might be reclusive millionaires!

We are finally back to adding new walks. The English Bay walk is now posted and by the time you read this the Denman Street walk might also be added. Back to watching playoff hockey ... now, where's that beer?

September 2, 2003

We have added lots of new content, and there's more on the way!

The forest fires in the province are far away from Vancouver, but they have affected friends and family.

Tomorrow we are off to Portland, Oregon to (what else?) sample some of Portland's famous micro-brews and to consider adding a Portland walk.

August 17, 2008

Something different! We've been busy making cooking videos for YouTube, under David's username of treasurer6. Look for our new page with links to our cooking videos.

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