Date of Walk: July 30, 2001

Length: 0.8 miles each way
Time to Walk: 20 minutes each way (with no stops)
Type of Walk: Riverfront / Casino / Public Market
Location: New Westminster Riverfront

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How to get there, parking, hours
The Quay is in the southeast part of New Westminster, on the north side of the Fraser River. The Market area is two blocks south from the Columbia Street Skytrain station. The Quay is one block south of Quayside Drive, which is one block south of Stewardson Way. Parking is easy all along the walk. You can park on Quayside Drive and the riverfront is just a few steps away, or park at the Market / Hotel / Casino area, where there may be a small parking charge. The Market is open 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM, Monday to Friday. Their phone number is (604)520-3881 - contact them for up to date event information. Dining, the floating casino, and pub are available late into the evening.

Let's Go!
We chose to start at the southwest end of the walk. The Market is 20 minutes away with a leisurely riverfront walk. After we walk past a few residences on the left, we pass under a railway bridge and are at Quayside Park. The Park has a playground for kids, including a submarine to climb on. Don't fall off!

Start of the walkTugboat and LogsTugboatRailway BridgePlayground

Our walk continues past many colourful flowers and planting baskets hanging from old-fashioned lightposts. Tugboats and logbooms work on the Fraser river year-round. Watch for the posters mounted on the railing which tell the history, biology and geography of the region. Across the water is Annacis Island with residences on the waterfront, and a large industrial park beyond the trees. David and Bill posed for their pictures here.

David at the QuayBill at the QuayLog Boom

Just around the bend at the end of the long straight part of the walk is the Inn at Westminster Quay Hotel, Royal City Star floating casino and the Westminster Quay Public Market. Public events take place here regularly, like Bill and David having a beer at the Paddlewheeler Pub.

Hotel and PaddlewheelerPaddlewheelerPublic MarketFloating Casino

Just outside the public market there is a play tugboat for the kids.

Play Tugboat (at left)Kids at Play

David had to have a rest outside the floating casino after playing with the kids.

David at Rest

But we both revived with a cold one at the Paddlewheeler Pub, located at the public market.


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