Date of Walk: August 26, 2001

Length: N/A
Time to Walk: Leisurely
Type of Walk: Shopping/Scenic/Waterfront
Location: North Vancouver

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Parking, Getting There
Lonsdale Quay and Waterfront Park are more like destinations at the end of the SkyTrain/SeaBus route, rather than a walk, but they are very worthwhile and popular! We recommend you leave your vehicle at home and access the Quay by taking the SkyTrain and SeaBus, if you start from Vancouver - that way, you'll have an excellent site-seeing trip too. If you start from North or West Vancouver, the Quay is at the foot of Lonsdale Avenue in North Vancouver, and pay parking is readily available. Be sure to see the informative Lonsdale Quay and Shops website.

Let's Go!
We visited Lonsdale Quay by riding the SkyTrain (we started from the Surrey Place Mall) and taking the SeaBus from Vancouver. We enjoyed a brilliant summer day amongst the tourists from around the world. As we approach the Quay the large "Q" sign of the Lonsdale Quay Hotel becomes more distinct. We decided to turn west (left as you exit off the SeaBus) and visit the Waterfront Park before going to the market. You can't get lost, as the Park follows the water.

SeaBus ViewQuay Hotel SignBetween the Market and ParkBill at Waterfront ParkPlayground at Waterfront Park

The park is very relaxing. There's a playground for the kids, and large open areas where a volleyball game might be going on. The Pacific Marine Training Institute is located here. Bill decided to check out a tourism booklet in front of a statue celebrating Korean-Canadian friendship. (you can see the Institute in the background)

Waterfront ParkWaterfront ParkWaterfront ParkMarine Training Institute PierBill at Waterfront Park

We walked back to the Lonsdale Quay Market building. Knowing that the pub with a magnificent view was upstairs, we went up to the second level (just for the view, of course). From the second level there's a panorama looking back over Burrard Inlet at the skyscrapers of downtown Vancouver. Events regularly take place by the fountain in the large open area at ground level. The Market building is next to Cates Tugs, the main shipdocking company in the Port of Vancouver.

Cates Marine Tug BoatsQuay Market SignView from the QuayA SeaBus Approaches the Quay

After admiring the view for a while, we moved inside to enjoy the shops bursting with all the things you would expect from a public market. When visiting the Market, we like to indulge in a very Canadian treat, the BeaverTail pastry. (yes, it's shaped like a beaver tail)

Quay Cheese StandQuay Market Fruit StandBeaverTails Pastry

David posed for his picture when we stopped for a cool pint at the second floor Tantra Waterfront Lounge and Grill, and again on our trip back to Vancouver on the SeaBus.

David Enjoys His BeerDavid on SeaBus

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