Date of Walk:July 29, 2001
Length:1 mile each way
Time to Walk:25 minutes (without stops) each way
Type of Walk:Trendy/Shopping/Dining
Location:Downtown Vancouver

Parking We parked at the DPC lot on Georgia St. between Seymour St. and Richards St. because the parking meters are in effect 7 days a week, 8 am to 8 pm and they are expensive. The parking lot is 1 block from our starting point of Robson St. and Seymour St. We went west to Seymour St. and turned left to go south on Seymour St. Robson St. is the next block. We turned right onto Robson St. and headed west.
Let's Go! The Lennox Pub is at the end of the first block on the left. When we finished the round trip we stopped there for a huge German wheat beer.
We cross Granville St. where Eatons, a major department store in the Pacific Centre Mall, fills the north side of the street. Chapters is a large 4 story bookstore at the end of the block, on the south side. Non-resident visitors may be eligible for a sales tax refund here. (link not present)
We next cross Howe St., where the ultra-modern courthouse designed by Arthur Erickson is on the south side of the block and contrasts the old courthouse on the north side, now the Vancouver Art Gallery.
As we head past Hornby St., on the left is Murchie's Tea & Coffee, well known for tea in the British tradition. Next door is the La Casa del Habanero Cigar store. Remember you can buy Cuban cigars in Canada. Opposite are the Planet Hollywood Restaurant and British based Virgin Megastore, four floors featuring a huge selection of music, videos and software.
Crossing Burrard St., this block is the start of the upscale shopping. On the south side are the Nikko Restaurant and Banana Republic clothing store.
We next cross Thurlow St., where there are two Starbucks Coffee shops on the same intersection. On the north side of the block is the upscale, upper level Settebello Restaurant. London Drugs sells everything from cough syrup to electronics. For fun, stop at Moose Magnets at the corner of Robson St. and Bute St. Watch out for the animated toys playing in the entrance.
At Bute St., we leave the trendier shops behind. However, there are two watering holes. The Blue Horizon has a typical hotel pub. Hooters restaurant is across the street and one floor up (we only go there for the wings). Hooters has a deck with a good view of Robson.
We trek past Jervis St. On the north side is Fogg n' Suds, a local restaurant chain famed for its beer selection. There are a couple of small hotels on the other side of the street. The Listel is particularly posh.
When we pass Broughton St., we come to the building that has dominated the horizon for most of our walk, the Empire Landmark Hotel, reputed to be Vancouver's tallest hotel. Cloud Nine is the revolving restaurant on the top.
We continue past Nicola St. to Habitek Furnishings on the north side, a modern furniture store. You'll note the surroundings are getting more residential as we have entered the West End of Vancouver, one of the most densely populated areas in the city.
We cross Cardero St. to get to the Robson Public Market on the south side. Various stalls sell fruit, seafood and other items. The upper floor has a small food fair. The north side has a fine vegetarian restaurant and store, Capers.
We are almost ready to turn around. We pass Bidwell St., where we find another Starbucks, various restaurants, and a Safeway grocery store.
Our walk ends at Denman St. Across the street is the Grape Vine Cafe (Mediterranean cuisine), with residential areas beyond. Denman St., both north and south, is another interesting walk, for another day. We walked back to our starting point, and enjoyed a frosty German beer at the Lennox Pub.

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